Mixed Singles & Mixed Doubles Leagues

To view matches and enter results, login and scroll down to the Odiham Winter Box Leagues section within the

LTA Competition Portal

Round 3 runs from Monday 5th February until Sunday 31st March.


For those whose phone number is not displaying on the portal, we encourage you to add this to ease arranging matches.  You will need to contact the LTA directly to do this.

Assistance: boxleagues@odihamtennis.com


Enter round 4 here by Sun 7th April

Participants automatically continue into the next round, unless they withdraw.


Both male and female players participate in the Singles event.

If you would like to enter the Mixed Doubles, but do not have a partner, register using the email above and we will help you find a suitable partner.  This is standard Mixed Doubles where there is one male and one female player.



  • Matches are the best of 3 sets, with a match tie-break played as the final set
  • Members only, aged 14 and above
  • Groups ordinarily have 4 players (3 matches)
  • Rounds typically run for 8 weeks
  • At the end of each Round the player who has won the box is promoted to the Group above, the player at the bottom, moved down and the players in the middle stay in the same group.



  • The leagues are managed using the LTA Competition Portal 
  • The Portal holds the players in each Group and their contact details
  • Players organise their own matches and provide their own balls
  • Match balls do not have to be brand new for every match as long as you agree they are suitable
  • Players are responsible for posting results on LTA Portal

Players are entered into subsequent rounds, promoted and relegated automatically.  If you enter the league after Round 1, you will join the lowest Group.

Only members can enter our box leagues.  For the portal to recognise you as a member of Odiham, your account must have the tennis club linked to your profile.  See this section on the LTA website: "Managing Your Affiliated Venues"


Future Dates

Round 3: Mon 5th Feb to Thurs 28th Mar (enter by Wed 31st Jan)

Round 4: Wed 10th Apr to Sun 2nd Jun (enter by Sun 7th Apr)

Round 5: Wed 5th Jun to Sun 28th Jul (enter by Sun 2nd Jun)

Round 6: Wed 31st Jul to Sun 22th Sep (enter by Sun 28th Jul)

Round 7: Wed 25th Sep to Sun 24th Nov (enter by Sun 22th Sep)

Round 8: Wed 27th Nov to Sun 26th Jan (enter by Sun 24th Nov)

Round 9: Wed 29th Jan to Sun 30th Mar (enter by Sun 26th Jan)


Notes & Explanation of Terms

Match tie-break - first player to 10 points, with 2 clear points

Group - a box.  Group 1 is the highest group, with the strongest players.  The size of the Groups may vary depending on how many players enter each Round

Round -  Although typically 8 weeks long, more time may be given during holiday periods, eg Christmas

If a match cannot be played before the Round ends, players should decide between themselves who progresses and register a "Walkover".  It is also possible to log an unfinished match as "Retired" or "Not Played".