Weekly Schedule

There are a number of regular playing sessions running throughout the year.  

If you are new to the club and would like to discuss which sessions might be suitable for you, please contact membership@odihamtennis.com.


Pay and Play

These are group coaching sessions, which are organised via a What's App group, which our Coach administers.  A fee is payable on the day.  If you would like to understand more, see our coaching page or contact coaching@odihamtennis.com.



The team schedule is shown within the Teams section.


Social Sessions

These are a great way to meet new people and play friendly tennis with just the right amount of competitive spirit and light-hearted fun. 

Simply turn up with your racket and play with the other members who are attending.  Balls are provided and attendance is free of charge.  

WhatsApp groups exist for the 3 new sessions while they establish.  To be added, contact: membership@odihamtennis.com 

Sessions are self-organised, and matches usually played as mixed doubles pairs.  Depending on the number of players, same-sex doubles and (occasionally) singles tennis will be played.  To ensure everybody gets plenty of time on court, matches are set at 6 games.  After which, pairings split and mix with those waiting to play or from other courts.

Below, you will see the type of play at each session to help you find a playing level where you feel comfortable and if desired, challenged.


NEW Club Afternoon (Saturday) &

Club Morning (Sunday)

Mixed ability sessions for players of all standards.  We ask that everyone who attends is comfortable serving and rallying.  

Members of all levels attend these sessions so don't be daunted if you feel your standard of play might be an issue.  We all want to improve and help others improve too.  Playing partners change frequentlly, so level of play isn't a concern.

We ask that stronger players adjust their play dependent upon the opposition and enjoy the session practicing their different shots.  For example, if first serves are proving unreturnable, practice second serves.


NEW Club Night (Thursday)

This session is aimed at our stronger club players, those who like a fast paced game against harder hitters.  It is still a fun session, but will be more testing and competitive.


NEW Family Afternoon (Sunday)

Details to follow - aiming to start April 2024.