In Case of Emergency


  • Call 999 and give location as Odiham Tennis Club, Chamberlain Gardens, RG29 1NE
  • Use the code to open the pathway gate by the Bowls Club entrance
  • Unlock the double gates on court 3 if needed



There is an automated external defibrillator on the pavilion porch, next to the door.  

In case of an emergency (eg sudden collapse) call 999 immediately and the operator will give you the code to access the defibrillator cabinet and guide you through it’s use.

Watch this youtube video, "Community Defibrillators: How Do They Work; Can I Be Sued; AED & CPR", for more information.


Water Shut Off

In the event of a leak the water can be shut off under the sink in the Pavilion.  You will find more detailed instructions on the notice above the sink.  Please inform