2024 Club Championships

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Format & Events

An elimination tournament, where only the winners progress to the next round.  

Best of 3 sets, with a match tie-break played as the 3rd set.  

  • Mens Singles & Mens Doubles
  • Ladies Singles & Ladies Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles


  • Events are managed using the LTA Competition Portal which holds the draws and results.
  • Players organise their own matches.  Please respond to match requests promptly.
  • Email the organiser for player contact details.
  • With the exception of Finals Day, players provide their own balls.  They do not need to be brand-new for every match if you agree they are suitable. 
  • Players are responsible for emailing match results promptly to championships@odihamtennis.com.
  • If match cannot be played before a round ends, players should decide between themselves who progresses and register a "Walkover".  It is also possible to log an unfinished match as "Retired".

Only members can enter our Championships.  For the portal to recognise you as a member of Odiham, your account must have the tennis club linked to your profile.  See this section on the LTA website: "Managing Your Affiliated Venues"


Finals Day - 15th September

Please ensure you are available for Finals Day when you enter.  If you subsequently find that you cannot play, please contact championships@odihamtennis.com as soon as possible.  Depending upon the stage of the tournament, the Referee may reinstate the losing player from the previous round.


Court Booking

Entrants can book a court for 2 hours, up to 2 weeks in advance, when using the booking module on the website (not the app).  See the booking page for details.

All singles players and one person from each doubles partnership are given Championship booking rights.

Be considerate to non-competitors by ensuring that you only use this facility for Championship matches and that you cancel any unrequired bookings asap.  Access will be withdrawn if non-Championship matches are being booked in this way.


Incomplete Matches

If a match is not played by the deadline, players should decide between themselves who progresses.  If this is not possible, the outcome will be decided by the toss of a coin by the Tournament Organiser.